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Kristian Bertel | Photography Kristian Bertel | Photography
Europe, Denmark
With a deep understanding for traveling in India the photographer Kristian Bertel is mostly photographing people in India with his camera. His website consists of 15 slideshows highlighting pictures with portraits of the Indian people but also landscapes from different areas and states of the countr...
Ziebe rejser Ziebe rejser
Europe, Denmark
Ziebe Rejser is a traveling blog. It's very popular and has between 500-700 visitors every month. It is about traveling the world and finding the best prices on flights and hotels. I hope you can find some inspiration to go out and explore the world....
Bookanaut Bookanaut
Europe, Denmark
Bookanaut is a sportsplatform where you can read about sports and fitness related topics like training, parkour, personal training, fitness centers, crossfit and yoga.

Bookanaut makes it easier for people to find new and exciting sports and activities....
Reading Ghost Reading Ghost
Europe, Denmark
Online book review magazine

Non fiction book reviews only

Genres: True crime, paranormal investigations, historical, terror, science

Many people from all over the world love our reviews because you won't find honest book reviews like ours elsewhere....
JAMSO Articles for performance in life and business
Europe, Denmark
Goal setting, metrics and performance management for people and companies....
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UFO pictures and photos
Europe, Denmark
UFO pictures and photos, is a blog where I show my UFO photographs and these are pictures taken with digital SLR cameras and in high resolution....
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Gallery Journal
Europe, Denmark
This is an emotional journey into images and pictures, a simple Gallery Journal by the Danish author Karima Lachtane....
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Think and Change
Europe, Denmark
My blog deals with contemporary culture, the media, capitalism, sustainability and the future. I invite everyone to discuss the topics I write about on my page....
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Europe, Denmark
Du kan l�se sp�ndende nyheder om de nyeste gadgets og den nyeste teknologi. Der vil ogs� v�re enkelte anmeldelser af gadgets, ligesom vi vil fors�ge at skaffe favorable tilbud p� gadgets - kun for brugerne af
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Europe, Denmark
AppleLunch is an unofficial Apple news and rumors provider. We do researches independently to provide information with the details we assume our readers desire. AppleLunch will attempt to provide the latest news and information about Apple Inc. and their products, as well as keep you updated on the activities which are going on and surrounds the markets in which Apple�s products participates....
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