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Europe, France
This blog: ideas, thoughts, testimonies and information about marketing, economy, culture, entrepreneurship, Internet and mobile.

The author: I am a French entrepreneur, 40, co-founder of WATISIT, a mobile marketing agency, sold in 2006 to Publicis Group...
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Bienvenue sur
Europe, France
Bienvenue sur, un portail communautaire sur les nouvelles du monde informatique. Découvrez le ZeM NetWork et utilisez notre moteur de blog gratuit....
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Scientific Discovery
Europe, France
The Scientific Discovery Blog is aimed to researchers or anyone who is thrilling to stay uptated with the global science news.
You will find on any important news regarding the global science world : our team will regurlarly gather for you all relevant information of the research progress.
Thanks to our categories classified by research domain, you will be able to find quickly the information you are interested in!
The different links proposed in our b...
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Happy Special Day
Europe, France
Special Days and Holidays to remember and celebrate. Who or what is being celebrated today. Interesting facts and information about events that happened today in history. Ideas and suggestions for gifts....
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visual evasion
Europe, France
Visual evasion, Jeremie Werner's weblog. Graphic design, webdesign, illustration, photography and more ! Daily update with many articles and interviews about design and multimedia....
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Travel France
Europe, France
Discover hidden gems, horrid secrets and excellent tips -- of course, as well as the funky observations that can come only from an outsider living in and trying to understand the most visited country in the world, France....
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