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Europe, Romania
Scout, Trainer and Online Enthusiast....
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Lazy Days
Europe, Romania
Blog dedicat recomandarilor in materie de muzica, filme si eriale, dar folosit si pt postarea experientelor/trairilor, intr-un mod pe cat posibil non-vulgar si inradacinat in realitatea cotidiana....
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Whispers in the dark
Europe, Romania
Poems about life, God and religion...
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Europe, Romania
My telescope: C8-N (CELESTRON 8" NEWTONIAN) - C8-N telescope I bought in 2008 in Cluj. This telescope Celestron 8 "is a reflector telescope with a focal ratio high and rapid....
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AboutWeb - Tips about SEO and other Internet resources
Europe, Romania
Web design service is dedicated to those who want to be in the virtual world. Internet and websites are the future, providing a source of countless reviews, offers and information from around the world. Image matters both in the real world and virtual. A well designed web design can offer you the chance to get rich and / or to be known. Worth trying, worth something new. Image matters, the impact that you must leave must remain in the minds of visitors....
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Povesti din farfurie
Europe, Romania
Un simplu blog pe care postez zilnic retete culinare alese....
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Sustinem evenimente din Romania
Europe, Romania
Site-ul promoveaza evenimente din toata Romania ! De la petreceri organizate de persoane fizice,pana la mari evenimente organizate de persoane jurdice !...
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Capable Android
Europe, Romania
Apps, news, reviews and more for the Android OS, written by a HTC Wildfire user....
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GMS Photo Book
Europe, Romania
GMS Photo Book - wedding photographer whit experience in event photography, professional photographer....
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Shadows seeking for light
Europe, Romania
A blog of Poetry, inner exploration and thought, but most important: a journey towards the light…...
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