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Asia, Philippines
Entertainment humor site, collection of funny picture and videos...
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The Ruffy - Get The Best Out of Your Web Experience
Asia, Philippines
The is the online ego and personality of Ruffy Heredia, a self-proclaimed web geek and programming junkie from Cebu. For a good number of years now, he has dived into different areas that concern a chair, some electricity, a board of letters, a screen, and maybe even a device named after the number one fan of cheese. HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, and the occasional frameworks are what best suit this guy, as he does freelance work every now and then. Don't get him wrong, though - he loves to ta...
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A Gurl's Corner
Asia, Philippines
A blog about the latest styles of ladies' clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories...
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Asia, Philippines
I write about a wide range of topics but mostly about my experiences and others'. The thoughts emanating from my mental faculties I transcribe into words....
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Miguel Guedes de Sousa
Asia, Philippines
This is the personal blog of Miguel Guedes de Sousa, Aman Resorts General Manager. It discusses life, travel, events and everything else in between....
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The Scribe
Asia, Philippines
Read more about what's happening in Cebu and the rest of the Visayas!

Get the latest news and information from just about everything: politics, government, media, music, entertainment and the latest buzz on the metro.

Featured here are write ups and articles of Jasmin Uy-Labacoco....
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Philippine Bloggers Community
Asia, Philippines
The Philippine Bloggers Community provides a virtual meeting place for professional, first-time, and wanna be bloggers. The Philbloggers aim to create a cozy, creative, and fun experience for every Filipino blogger....
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Meet Wayne and Susan
Asia, Philippines
Helping people reach new heights in internet marketing...
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My Everyday Discovery
Asia, Philippines
Everyday Discovery is owned by a Filipina blogger from Valenzuela City. It features stories about Filipino and other country customs, traditions and other fascinating things she discovers everyday....
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Ninja Crunch
Asia, Philippines
Ninja Crunch is a design blog showcasing the best of graphic and web design today. Ninja Crunch helps the design community by providing inspirations, tutorials, freebies and resources. ...
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