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Royal Mocha
Asia, Philippines
...drama,drama and more drama. The confessions of a heartbroken pinay,a struggling and nearly surviving bum and a prodigal daughter.Read the musings of a 24 year old -woman about the one thing she doesn't have-the perfect real life fairy tale......
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Kulay Pinay Fun Reads for Pinays
Asia, Philippines
Fun reads for women, specially Pinays or Filipino women. A collection of tips, ideas, stories, how-tos, practical tips and other interesting articles that will sure entertain the readers....
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Asia, Philippines
Some thoughts, news, rants of k0n?...
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Philippine franchise business
Asia, Philippines
Start your own franchise business plus other investment opportunity...
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Techie Moms Blog
Asia, Philippines
Fresh cool gadgets reviews and information and parenting advice from the techie mom. And anything involving techie moms....
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Asia, Philippines
all about business most especially forex online....
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that all beholding my light may see
Asia, Philippines
Blog of a Little Light. ...
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Pond Perspective
Asia, Philippines
Written under the guise of a frog, follow the ponderings, triumphs and foibles of a single woman in Manila. I am a communication arts graduate who somewhere along the way ended up a banker - go figure! One thing's for certain, it ain't easy bein' green....
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Isulong SEOPH
Asia, Philippines
Isulong SEOPH is my personal blog about search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing, and web development....
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