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T and A Clips
North America, Canada
Video clips of celebrities...
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Rachel's diary
North America, Canada
My blog is my private diary out for the world to see.
If you have a personality disorder you will find yourself right at home with what I'm talking about....
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Fire On Your Head - The Blog
North America, Canada
Articles to stir you up and provoke you towards revival....
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Social Fix
North America, Canada
50 Years later: "There was bad food, environmental rot, programmed consumerism, corruption,
wars and poverty. After much distress a great improvement in life, society and the world began." ...
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David Arias' Blog Cultura Creativa
North America, Canada
The blog of David Arias, a graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada. His blog presents brief postings and insights about his work, graphic design, design ideas, marketings, personal interest, art events, design news, and any design related topics....
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Healing philosophy
North America, Canada
Insight and quotations from Eastern and Western philosophy to help you harness your inner strength...
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Wildwood Girls
North America, Canada
Wildwood Girls is a blog devoted to following the development of the Etsy site as well as share a love for art in all its forms....
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We All Love Our Cats
North America, Canada
As an owner of two cats that I ultimately love I would like to share my thoughts on the cat world. I will be giving tips, pointers and stories. Please bookmark this page and come back to see the updated posts...
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North America, Canada
There are thousands and thousands of blogs on the internet. Blogs can be used to communicate with friends and family, they can be used for building your business and so much more. keep coming back to this blog so you can understand the differant facets of blogging. also watch for weekly updates....
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My Daily Thoughts In Search Of Self-Fulfillment
North America, Canada
How I learn, felt and search for what I want to remember and share. Then I will write it in this blog....
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