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North America, Canada
Canada-Toronto is a blog about the City of Toronto, where you find information about the city, its attractions, the best places to eat, the best night clubs, description and pictures of the best places to visit and have a great time. ...
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Serendipities of a Writer's Life
North America, Canada
Adventures in sailing and solitude from storyteller, sailor and nomad Dennison Berwick aboard his 32-foot bluewater sailboat "Kuan Yin".

Adventure's been in my blood since I was a small boy living on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, in Yorkshire, England. I�ve hitched-hiked alone from Cape Town to Cairo, walked 2000 miles beside India's sacred river Ganges and travelled extensively in the Amazon in my own canoe and lived with Yanomami Indians. I�ve written three books about the Ga...
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Space Database - Technology and Strategy
North America, Canada
This blog is focused on technology and web resources that will support the business strategy of commercial real estate professionals.

- Mikael Sandblom is Co-Founder and COO at Space Database Inc....
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Samurai IT Guy
North America, Canada
My real life experiences in the Information Technology Workforce. Tech Tips, and Reviews....
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TML Fan Fury
North America, Canada
Toronto Maple Leafs Fan blog and hockey site....
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Tasty and Easy Recipes
North America, Canada
Tasty and Easy Recipes that I have tested and loved. Recipes with alog of taste aroma and love...
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The Opera Maniac
North America, Canada
News on Opera and Opera Singers...
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Concealed Mind
North America, Canada
Written words from the hidden thoughts of my daily existence.
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North America, Canada
Medical Students blog on USMLE, Step 1, Step 2 and related content. Links to Medical books and Medical resources essential for medical students. Tons of free USMLE material....
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Communication Guru
North America, Canada
Communication Guru provides practical and insightful tips and insights to help you improve your communication skills - vrbal, non-verbal, written and presentation skills....
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