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Small Group International
United States, Virginia
Providing tools and information to help small group bible study leaders create positive life change in their small group members and those they influence....
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General Contracting and Home Builders Construction Company
United States, Virginia
If you are looking for basement remodeling in Manassas VA or new home construction Arlington VA....
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New Look Medi Spa
United States, Virginia
If you are in need of a spa day, look no further than New Look Medi Spa. Receive laser hair removal services, cellulite treatment and more....
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Driving School Classes and Training Lesson in VA
United States, Virginia
Driving gives you a sense of independence, more freedom and definitely proves useful as you start going to college. So donít wait any further, any get some driverís education VA....
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Blue Ridge Graphics
United States, Virginia
Blue Ridge Graphics creates Custom T-shirts, Screen Printing, Greek T-shirts, Hats, Graphic Design and Embroidery. BRG is located in Charlottesville VA and services, all 50 States! Our blog highlights the awesome design and screen prints we produce!...
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Coleen Patrick: Read. Smile. Repeat
United States, Virginia
I started my blog in July 2011. I am big on family, books and writing and share my experiences on those topics, usually with an emphasis on humor and inspiration. ...
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Anthony's Blog
United States, Virginia
I tackle a wide range of issues in my blog. In each case, I strive to provide readers with my honest views on the chosen topic. In order to achieve this result, most of my posts are either unedited or only lightly reviewed (ie. for spelling or grammatical errors). Please refer to my "About My Blog-My First Post" for a more in depth discussion of my blog's mission, vision, and values....
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United States, Virginia is a high quality online periodical catering to Italian and French automobile enthusiasts. Launched in 2001, VeloceToday has been published every week for over ten years. VeloceToday is sent out to our subscribers every Wednesday.

Our articles are written by subject matter experts around the world, exclusively for VeloceToday. Most of our contributors have or still do write for the traditional automotive press or have published books to their credit. You can trust Velo...
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Infographic Videos
United States, Virginia
Videos are powerful. With the use of infographics, storytelling, audio narration, voice overs, animation, kinetic typography, etc., infographic videos engage the viewer in a more powerful, eye-catching way. ...
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United States, Virginia
Virginia-Mike is a personal blog about whatever's on my mind. Topics can range anywhere from computers to gardening.
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