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Anthony's Blog
United States, Virginia
I tackle a wide range of issues in my blog. In each case, I strive to provide readers with my honest views on the chosen topic. In order to achieve this result, most of my posts are either unedited or only lightly reviewed (ie. for spelling or grammatical errors). Please refer to my "About My Blog-My First Post" for a more in depth discussion of my blog's mission, vision, and values....
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MySolarBackup Review Online
United States, Virginia
Learn about emergency generators , and how MySolarBackup can provide you with the electricity you need during a power outage. Can you benefit from a portable solar generator?
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Teepetals Craft-tee Mix
United States, Virginia
A mixture of crafts, crafty peeps, giveaways, tutorials, and more. Also a place where teepetals let go and give her readers a taste of whats happening in her life!...
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United States, Virginia
This is an open and unfiltered diary-style journal on the life of James Robert Smith. This blog will contain sometimes graphic experiences (both beautiful and ugly), sometimes stark insight, and all honest and factual documentation of dreams, diet, activity, and thoughts....
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United States, Virginia
One man against a blog. Insanity at its finest....
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Political Christian
United States, Virginia
This site encourages people of faith to become involved in the public arena and work to restore the founders vision for America...
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Mobile Tech
United States, Virginia
Mobile technology news, reviews, and previews....
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Think Engineering Blog
United States, Virginia
Think Engineering. Engineering and Technologies. What is going on at the web. Nanotechnologies, rapid manufacturing and prototyping, hi-technology companies in engineering, medical and chemical engineering...
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Blue Ridge Graphics
United States, Virginia
Blue Ridge Graphics creates Custom T-shirts, Screen Printing, Greek T-shirts, Hats, Graphic Design and Embroidery. BRG is located in Charlottesville VA and services, all 50 States! Our blog highlights the awesome design and screen prints we produce!...
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Coleen Patrick: Read. Smile. Repeat
United States, Virginia
I started my blog in July 2011. I am big on family, books and writing and share my experiences on those topics, usually with an emphasis on humor and inspiration. ...
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