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71 Blogs from Oregon, United States | Women's fashion, beauty tips  decoration and crafts! | Women's fashion, beauty tips decoration and crafts!
Europe, Greece is a great Greek website which is related to women’s fashion, with tips and suggestions for shoes ,clothes and accessories. Also, you can find fitness tips, useful beauty tips and clever ideas for home decoration....
Top Electric Shaver Guide & Reviews Top Electric Shaver Guide & Reviews
United States, Oregon
Review our guide for the best electric shavers for men. Every year we read about new breakthroughs with electric shavers from popular manufacturers but time and again they turn out to be mere marketing gimmicks. When we lack to do good research it can be sheer disappointment despite what they claim ...
US Outdoor Store Blog US Outdoor Store Blog
United States, Oregon
An adventure sports blog featuring updates by the staff and guest bloggers of the US Outdoor Store. Find features on camping with the family, backpacking, traveling, snowboarding, surfing and skiing....
Noble Press
United States, Oregon
Noble Press is a gaming and tech blog made up of dedicated gamers that bring you the best in nerd news. Come on by and say hello today!...
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The Rubber Monkey
United States, Oregon
The Rubber Monkey celebrates stupidity - government stupidity, corporate stupidity or just plain human stupidity. Come on in and see what the elite today's society are up to....
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Magic Jar Publishing
United States, Oregon
Magic Jar Publishing is used to showcase my books. In addition, there are tips and tricks for writers, poetry, and reviews....
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United States, Oregon
NetGreen is an online environmental broadcast news channel. We know that life can be hectic and time is precious. With the click of a button and about two minutes of your time, you can be up to date on the environment, anytime, anywhere for free! We believe that environmental news and preservation techniques need to be fun, entertaining, and informative. NetGreen offers an alternative to nap inspiring news!...
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Spitting Splinters
United States, Oregon
A collection of music reviews, book reviews, art, writing, news & random works of brilliance found in passing. My own personal collection of in one convenient box for you to share. Well worth a look......
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Plating Companies
United States, Oregon
Plating Companies – DeKalb Metal Finishing is one of the leading plating companies. We specialize in Alkaline Zinc and Zinc Alloy plating, Autophoretic / Aquence™ Coatings, E-Coat, Chromate Conversion, Passivation and more....
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A Jen A Day
United States, Oregon
I'm taking pictures and blogging every single day as a way of documenting my life in 2010. ...
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