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MaggieCakes - a social media culture blog
United States, Ohio
MaggieCakes is a social media culture blog, covering social media trends and happenings. Specifically, it discusses the ways that technology is changing how we interact with and connect with each other, particularly through digital storytelling and building our own personal narratives and brands. Through social media, we’re all writing and publishing our own autobiographies, whether we know it or not.

MaggieCakes covers the positive and negative impacts that social media is having...
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Official Shizzle Dizzle Magic Blow
United States, Ohio
Shizzle Dizzle Magic provides clean comedy magic for corporate events, school assemblies, fairs, festivals, and private parties!

Our official company blog talks about the latest news and company updates, including information on our anti-bullying school assembly.

Also included are thoughts on the state of the magic business, comedy, and business / entrepreneurship. Chances are you'll find something you like. Drop by and have a look today!...
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Skylar Magazine
United States, Ohio
The blog is for my independant fashion magazine called Skylar that I started 7 years ago. Skylar is not just a fashion magazine it is also about real people and inspiration. The magazine is on hiatus while I am searching for employment and furthering my education so that I can make it a successful business and publication. My mission is to discover people and give them a chance at stardom and to send a healthier message to people about beauty. I believe beauty comes in all packages and in Skylar...
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Backpacks For Cheap Information
United States, Ohio
Backpacks for cheap information and reviews blog. Find backpacks with cheapest price now....
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The Book Nut's Reviews
United States, Ohio
This is where I review the books I read and listen to as audiobooks. I don't pretend to be a literary authority, I just love books and enjoy talking about them. I would love to hear your feedback so don't hesitate to leave comments, good or bad! Thanks for visiting!...
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Presence Publications
United States, Ohio
"The clarity of thought that arises from the benefits of meditation and self-introspection becomes the printed works we establish."

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The Free MMO Tracker
United States, Ohio
A complete directory of the best free MMORPGs + reviews...
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United States, Ohio
A spot to talk about sports, movies, travel and any everyday life experiences with the goal of keeping it POSITIVE. There's enough negativity out there......
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According to Cano
United States, Ohio
A blog about Entertainment,Sports,Travel,Fashion, and how I view things. Have daily posts like Daily Eye Candy and I Want To Go Here! It's a really cute blog! :) ...
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Connect Green
United States, Ohio
Blog on Green and Sustainable Living. Reviews on Eco Friendly Goods, Products. News updates on Green Living, Climate, Global Warming...
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