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Big Commentary
United States, New Jersey
Politics, humor, and critique of the craziness that is our world. My blog primarily focuses on current events and policy that affects the United States. The total list of topics, however, is large in scope. Basically, whatever is in the news and is a hotly debated topic is fair game. I also write in both a serious and humorous style depending on my mood and the topic at hand....
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Healthy Eating
United States, New Jersey
Food as the source of energy to fuel your body. Food as a means to live....
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New Jersey Real Estate, NJ Sales
United States, New Jersey
Taking a closer look at the New Jersey real estate market, NJ home buying and sales all along the Jersey shore and throughout the Garden State....
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United States, New Jersey
Providing you with a social liberal´┐Żs opinion and rational view of U.S. politics, foreign policy, and world events. Liberalism: A political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual...
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Beyond The Quote Blog
United States, New Jersey
Contains updates for our collection of famous motivational quotes and famous inspirational quotes whic are accompanied by descriptive & enlightening meanings. ...
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