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Snark on a Stick
United States, Indiana
A snarktastic blog dedicated to revealing the ridiculous and unabashedly making fun of it. ...
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United States, Indiana
If you're headed back to school, completing your degree or still paying off your student loans, this $10,000 scholarship can help you pay your educational expenses.
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The Best Wedding Blog Ever
United States, Indiana
I am super pumped to dish about all things WEDDING! I recently got married, which not only makes me an expert on all things matrimonial but – let’s be honest – life in general… alright, maybe not life, but I’m hard pressed to find anything more life affirming than being the sole author of The Best Wedding Blog EVER of Marilyn’s Keepsakes!...
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Cheap Cycle blog
United States, Indiana
Product reviews, motorcycle news and tips from experienced riders....
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Born Conservative
United States, Indiana
Discussion of political issues...
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Chillicious All About Finance
United States, Indiana
Chillicious Finance offers a range of information about finance, credit, currency trading, debt,insurance, investing, leasing, loans, mortgage, mutual funds, personal finance, real estate, stock market, taxes and wealth building....
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Around Indiana
United States, Indiana
Historic and scenic photographs of Indiana. Images of old buildings, homes, barns, bridges and scenic views along with a general location and description....
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Knute School Fools
United States, Indiana
A look inside the collective mind of Notre Dame football fanatics. ...
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Language Translations Blog
United States, Indiana
Interested in language translation, website translation or multilingual typesetting? This blog will provide information and tips about specific languages, talk about global marketing, and offer suggestions to expand your business internationally....
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Web templates
United States, Indiana
In this blog you can check the latest design and website template for your web sites....
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