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Small Business Daily
United States, Illinois
Small Business Daily provides information, news, trends and advice to entrepreneurs, small business owners and those who aspire to own a business and be successful....
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United States, Illinois
Get your fill of the latest in electronics, gaming, technology, and gadgets at StoopidDog. Anything else would just be... stoopid!...
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Plus Size Blog
United States, Illinois
Thoughts about plus size lifestyle, feelings, relationships and life in general. Plus Size Blog depicts life as a real plus size woman. ...
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The Eagle, the Lion, and the Dove
United States, Illinois
Walk your path from where you are right now, moving forward in love and joy, moving forward in peace. Let your light drown out the darkness of fear. Let your brightness eliminate the shadows of doubt.

We have a bizarre preoccupation with thinking that if we only do more things, at a more frantic pace, that somehow we will be successful. The key is to focus on one thing at a time, and give yourself enough space, resources and energy to grow. The words printed here are concepts. You mus...
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Family Travel Girl
United States, Illinois
Travel Information Blog Bursting With Family Vacation Ideas, Travel Tips, Budget Travel Advice, And Fun Things To Do On Vacation!...
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The Business Viking Blog
United States, Illinois
The Business Viking Blog is a business blog designed to inspire AND inform. Provide solutions and promote better business decisions. It's a Business Resource. Read it. Watch it. Enjoy it....
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michele's blog
United States, Illinois
A story of a businesswoman's transition and the role of faith....
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CyberCucina Gourmet Foods Blog
United States, Illinois
The CyberCucina Gourmet Foods Blog covers a variety of topics associated with gourmet foods....
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Maid Right House Cleaning Blog
United States, Illinois
Residential house cleaning tips and tricks to help make maintaning your home a pleasurable task. ...
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Auto 101
United States, Illinois
Anything and everything auto. Crash course on what brand to choose, car maintenance, car parts, etc. ...
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