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My Digital Life
United States, Connecticut
Information from the trenches of technology....
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I Love-Hate America
United States, Connecticut
A Filipino immigrant's love-hate relationship with all things American. Views and commentaries from a Filipino migrant about American lifestyle, values, culture and society and how the author is adapting to all of these with her traditional Filipino upbringing....
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Sentrifugo - Opensource HRMS
United States, Connecticut
Sentrifugo HRMS is a comprehensive solution for the efficient management and development of your Human Resources. It facilitates a vast range of HR activities, with features that reflect the main HR management activities Sentrifugo HRMS is a perfect platform for reengineering your HR processes and achieving a new level of HR Management

Blog describes about how the application works & few tips about HR & management system in every oraganisation...
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United States, Connecticut
a blog about everything we ate...
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Living and Renting in Chicago
United States, Connecticut
Keep up-to-date with life as a renter in Chicago, Illinois.
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Book Clubs Activities
United States, Connecticut
Our reviewers describe the books plot, main idea, the level of written language of the author, the level of book's interest and auditory that will possibly like it....
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Graduation Ceremony Preparation
United States, Connecticut
On this web page you will get a lot of helpful information and statistics, will see the tuition price changes and will be able to find preferred college suitable to your budget....
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World's Best Five star Hotels Blog
United States, Connecticut
Discover Luxury is an online booking resource for the world’s best luxury hotels. From lavish five star resorts to beautiful boutique hotels the site simplifies the way that consumers find and book top accommodations online. Discover Luxury provides recommendations, superior customer service and the best available rates for each booking....
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divided loyalty
United States, Connecticut
rantings of a torn fan (among other things)...
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Civil Engineering & Land Surveying Blog
United States, Connecticut
Learn about the daily happenings of a small civil engineering and land surveying firm in New Milford, Connecticut.
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