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The Official Yachts Sailing Blog
Europe, Greece is created by an innovative team of experts in the yachting industry. The team has a great background and experience not only in yachting but also in travel, hotels and tourism industry. We have achieved to serve customers and their needs in an absolute way, creating a unique customer service. Entering now in the online yachting and establishing the yacht charter product, invests on a modern website offering a booking system that can handl...
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My cats' diary
Europe, Greece
This is my cats� diary and my friends� and my friends� friends cats diary. It is a place for people fascinated by these lovely furry creatures, who�d spend hours talking about their yawning pets, who bear the same concerns, a place where cat lovers can share their experience, affection and advice. My cats� diary is the story of my cats and kittens, their first time to the vet, their first taste of a hairball remedy and all the exciting moments that I have been enjoying with my furry fa...
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Facts About Flat Eric
Europe, Greece
Everyone knows everything about the famous yellow bear, the ex-star of Levis commercial: Flat Eric

Well yeah, you don't know anything!!! This blog will reveal piece-by-piece the whole truth about this yellow fluffy thing!...
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Chara Cosseyan author of many books in Greece
Europe, Greece
Chara Cosseyan author of many books in Greece. Personal blog about Greek literature, greek language, Atlantis the lost land, plato, archaeologic matters, education in Greece, Greek Athens language university....
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Zorba The Greek
Europe, Greece
Opinion-based weblog about politics, society, philosophy, religion, world affairs, various news and many other issues. In Greek. ...
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CITES-endagered species
Europe, Greece
everything for endagered species, cites, mammals, macaw, amazon, cockatto parrots, reptiles, fauna, flora,...
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