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A police officer turned music agent. A Navy captain who became a circus manager. Many of these men and women were spurred to discover what really matters to them and transform their work lives by happiness or crisis. You might know you want to do something different, but donít have the courage to do it yet. Here are my top four tips:

Why do you want to change?

Be clear about why you want to leave so that you donít jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. The most common reasons are:

Bored and stuck
No longer interested in the subject
No progress

Identify your passion-It very important to analyze the passion related to career change. As we have spent 40+ hours a week doing something, it should provide more than just money.

Pick one target only

Do yourself a favor and based off your market research, pick one main industry to pursue for your switch. If youíre switching industries, stay in the same function.

Show passion and patience

Itís imperative that you let your passion for this new industry shine. You need to find some element of the company or industry that you find particularly interesting or appealing and play that up in your elevator pitch and during interviews.

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Date Added : 30-1-2015