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I own a printing company and with time to time I have to review the analysis for most product sold out during the month. From the past few months I have been reviewing a positive change in soap boxes orders. On average the order ratio from last year 2013 till 2014 has been increased to 73% during the whole year. I tried to put a light on our nice market for the soap boxes and saw a very good potential. Large number of families has a small and nice setup and manufacturing soaps in low runs. I tasked my sales team to get few feedbacks of how these soaps went to market and what sort of soap packaging they are using.
We conclude the feedbacks and result was tremendously different than our expectations. Number of soap manufacturers were buying premade boxes in bulk from china and applying labels for their branding. However we were successful in converting and pursuing most of the customers to use custom soap boxes with nice and elegant printing which will definitely be a good point to increase their sales volume. Within few months the final feedbacks which we wanted to hear finally started coming through and we were quite happy with the results that with our assumption of good effects in overall sales for the soap manufacturers they were able to increase their profit margins. Thus a mutual benefit at both ends and we have observed repeat orders being hitting our sales with higher rates.
Custom and unique soap boxes can be a part of your healthy business no matter what line of business you are in but that is something which really impacts your brand personality as well. Premade boxes can be a good option but for the retail purpose you might have never seen any unprinted box being displayed over the shelves. Now all sort of manufacturing industries are more conscious about their packaging and going with unique options using multiple techniques for printing. Within next few years I assume packaging will play an important role while sketching the new product line.
Personalizing your boxes will be a part of creating a good brand identity among your competitors with that unique and innovative packaging styles has been introduced like I have seen puzzles and myths on cereal boxes , Now itís time to give enough time to your packaging layout to compete todayís market gap.

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Date Added : 7-1-2015