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Do you live without your smartphone for a week? So this is one of a major question I come across on social media now-a-days. Also they will show a pic of a Lakeside Condo and ask will you give up your smartphone to stay here for a week. For me its hilarious why would people add such a post in Social media. We know we are dependant to our smartphone by one way or another.

I like to begin with some numbers so we can get some better understanding. There are 2.1 Billion smartphone users in 2016 and users are forecast to grow around 2.5 Billion in 2019. So the number is still growing stronger, thatís why we have to think twice whatís in that smartphone? Is that really a Global Addiction? Is it really making things possible? This is a part we need to be clear. By following the famous statement, Smartphones also has a Positive and Negative sides.

Why this is an Emerging Market?

Smart + Phone= Smartphone, In the origin of phones they are just used to send and receive calls and messages then comes an operating system which helps you to run some smart functionalities or features that is similar to our regular computer. Few may think is that a big deal? Yes, for many it slowly turned their way of working and also sorted some daily errands for them through the utility features so, they are good to use it frequently and to carry a device for their day.

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