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Bar in Riga – One of the Best Places to Visit to Have a Good Gala Time with Your Friends
Riga is the best tourist destination located along the southern coast of Gulf of Riga and along Baltic Sea. This is the historical city located on the bank of River Daugava, which is about 10 km from Daugava flows into Gulf of Riga. A wonderful natural terrain, Riga pulls the attention of all visitors with this beauty and pleasing environment.
The cityscape of Riga reflects the vibrant cosmopolitan region and it is the largest of the three Baltic capitals. To keep the tourists and localities entertained and engaged there are numbers of modern art centers, restaurants and bars located across the city. If you want to spend a good time with your friends, then the bar in Riga can be the best place to visit. There are also many bars located on the sea shore of the stunning white-sand beach. The gorgeous seaside environment with cool breeze will keep your mind soothing and filled with entertaining activities in the bar in Riga throughout your stay.
Here follows an array of top bars in Riga, where tourists can visit:
Spot Kafe:
This bar is a small place, which gives you an excellent environment of pocket-club. This bar is open both day and night and the perfect location further make it to be the best spot to visit with your friends. You can certainly enjoy party time in this bar.
Kanepes Kulturas centrs:
Although this is not an exact cultural center, people still love to visit this bar to spend their best time.
Kalku Varti:
This is the legendary club, which welcomes tourists and visitors from across the world. This bar is located in a very spacious historical location and it features rooftop terrace serving about 100 people. Undoubtedly, this bar is located in a great spot and you can spend your night time dancing with your friends.
You can see the crazy side of the pub scene of Riga. This bar is never closed during the summer season and it gives you the best partying experience.
If you are looking for a bar that gives you both quality and best price, then Chomsky will be the right choice for you. This bar features artistic architecture and you can feel the environment of people with open minded. However, you may not expect the luxury, whereas the service is good.
Piens – The Milk Club
This bar is located in Piens, which is one of the busy and host spots of Riga. This is the preferred hangout place for the tourists and localities spend their time with friends. If you are tired of modern and fancy people, then this will be the best place to hangout.
Cool Soviet Buffet Style Bar – Bufete Gauja
Bufete Gauja is an other best bar in Riga to visit with your friends. You can see the interior of 60s and 70s and it includes many board games.
In addition to these bars in Riga there are also many other bars to visit, including Tims Mints, Teatra Bar, Moloney’s Pub and Depo.

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