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Africa Tamed Travel Blog
A creative Travel Blog offering travel advice and exciting ideas for travel throughout South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. Advising on best places to visit, adventure activities not to be missed, great overnight lodges and game reserves....
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Safari Travel
African safari travel and vacation as well as holiday packages...
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Wakish Wonderz
To mould ANY topic and make you see it into a simple, pertinent and wonderful angle!
Perhaps you have read something that you might have found difficult or gloomy, but here at Wakish Wonderz you will be delighted in reading that same “something” into a more intelligible manner with all its fun!
(In the end you will say “Wonderful!” - That’s Wakish Wonderz!)...
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senduQ, mind entropy of the ethiofrican
yehasab senduQ is a thoughtbox containing a 20somthing female ethiofrican's collection of ponderings on identity, justice, nostalgia, peace, culture, storytelling and other entropy inducing insanities....
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Painting Holidays in South Africa
My thoughts about my life in South Africa and painting holidays...
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Hardstyle Lovers
For the latest hardstyle news visit Hardstyle Lovers at Here you'll find the best hardstyle music, images, video's and much more. If you've got hardstyle in your vains, be sure to have a look!...
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egypt history
this site about about Egypt history,egypt culture, Egyptian Sculpture,egypt pyramids and Egyptian civilization...
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Spring Of Life
A blog of my own inspiration, feel free to read and drop me a word or two....
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Hicham Maged's blog
Hicham Maged's official blog which renders his perspective for our life....
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You will find in this blog some photoshop CS3 workflow in the scientific domain
There will be also in the near future some articles about the mistery of the brain and the relation with life religion behavior and so far
Please enjoy ...
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