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House of LeaVik
House of LeaVik is the blog of a fashion and beauty services and e-commerce retailer company with the same name. It was established by South African sisters Leandi and Vikki Rostoll. The blog offers the latest trends, tips and advice on beauty, weddings, fashion, styling, make-up and writing. ...
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Ablose 5
The location of any thing diverse Example News, Funny videos, Funny pictures, Barcelona, Games, Pc, Tv, and more...
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Best Funny stories and Funny Jokes
Best Funny stories and Funny Jokes to make you laugh loud...
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Suppliers of Solar Components, Power Backup, Solar Lights, LED Lights, Inverter and Battery Chargers. We supply a range of power related products and products for renewable energy applications...
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Egypt, Cradle of Civilization
Egypt, Cradle of Civilization provides you with all the information you need to know about Egypt from the point of view of local experts. Whether you plan to travel to Egypt, take a travel tour there, enjoy a Nile cruise, spend your vacation or holiday in Egypt or visit ancient Egypt, then Egypt, Cradle of Civilization blog is where to land for specific details. The blog covers everywhere in Egypt; Cairo, Giza, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, etc....
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Globalfundi - 10 clicks ahead of the finance world
Globalfundi is your access card to a world of online finance. Info, advice, and assistance with your financial needs a click away. Globalfundi offers help with your money transfers, forex needs, property investment, credit info, and insurance. ...
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Event Plus Magazine
its all about showbiz and entertainment...
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Masr wa Touness
"Masr wa Touness" means "Egypt and Tunisia" in arabic. Egypt is the country of my father. Tunisia is the country of my mother. Switzerland is the country where I was born and always lived since then.

Masr wa Touness is a bridge. A bridge between me and the reader, between inside and outside, between East and West, Europe and Africa, between Egypt and Tunisia and Switzerland, my three countries.

One Love, One World, One Family. ...
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Lape Soetan - the fun holiday blog
This blog is the fun place for everyone looking for tips and ideas on holidays and travel....
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Nigeria News
Nigeria Information Portal featuring latest Nigerian news, jobs in Nigeria,Nigerian Movies, Nigerian Recipes and Nollywood News...
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