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Are you tired of the noise in your social feeds - dealing with vacation pics, status updates and other random stuff, while you are only in the mood for some comfort food? Do you worry about spamming all your friends posting about something that excites you, knowing only a few of them care about it like you do? Do you wish you could discover and make new friends based on shared interests?

We are a group of friends who are passionate about our interests, and wanted a better way to share them online. We wanted a better social home for each of our passions - a single place to learn what’s new, ask and give advice, share our photos and thoughts, follow and friend others who are similarly passionate about the same thing. Without irrelevant noise, and without having to go to different sites for different activities. We also noticed how TV evolved from just a couple of all-purpose channels in the beginning, to dozens of interest-specific (news, food, sports, history, comedy, weather, classic movies, children, golf ... ) channels today.

And Affimity was born ... Affimity is the coming together of Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity). It is a social network, reimagined as a collection of interest-specific social channels. Join only the channels that are aligned with your interests, Each channel has dedicated content - curated as well as the community buzz, and people you can follow or friend. It also has a feed from just your friends and following, valuable advice and recommendations from people who share that passion, and services appropriate for that channel. We are starting with three channels: Food, Family and Digital Life. Many more to come soon ...

Come. Engage. Belong.

Affimity ... where people share your passions.
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