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There are many good reasons for practices to outsource to medical transcription companies when it comes to improving their revenue cycle management practices. With today’s more complicated procedures, rules, and regulations, it only makes sense that so many practices are using online medical transcription services.

Here are just a few reasons why outsourcing your medical transcriptions will help your practice become more efficient and in turn help you focus more on your patients.

Cost Efficiency

Because the services generally require a fee to be accomplished, there are no employees to hire or overtime to put in when it comes to completing your medical transcriptions. This means less time having to deal with these issues and more time to work with your patients.

- Lower overall costs

- Lower labor costs

- Lower maintenance costs

- Lower administrative, HR, and training costs

- Latest Technology & Integration to EHR

Many medical transcription companies provide free integration with the EHR that will not only help you get the transcribed reports directly into the Patient Charts of your EHR but also reduce the significant cost on IT – developing integration between transcription platform & your EHR.

Leverage Expenses and Locations

When using online medical transcription services, you will get considerable experience and knowledge when it comes to addressing your transcription needs. When you consider what they bring to medical records as diverse as discharge summaries, operative and progressive note, and emergency room procedures, the advantages are considerable.

This also comes into play with the time zone differentials with services in other locations such as India. Having such services in another time zone offers advantages as they can be received, transcribed, and returned overnight. This creates far greater efficiency and helps with the faster turnaround time.

Smaller Infrastructure

Because medical transcriptions companies are handling the work, there is no need to hire extra personnel. Instead, you are paying a fee to have the services handled for you. This means less personnel to hire so that your practice can run a tighter ship.

High Quality Results

The reputation of Online Medical Transcription Services relies on their accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness. Therefore, you can count on the reputable medical transcription companies to do excellent work. This means fewer mistakes, better documentation & higher reimbursement for your practice.

Improve Staffing Decisions

With the burden of medical transcriptions removed through outsourcing, you can actually reduce the amount of attrition that would otherwise occur with your staff. Given how much turnover is caused in part or whole by the redundancy and tedium of keeping accurate medical transcriptions, this can really save on staff stress.

Plus, it makes seasonal hiring changes easier when it comes to hiring additional help for the holidays. New hires will not affect the productivity and work flow of your practice because transcription work is being done by another company.

You can also improve your access to reports from the provider online as their business is conducted on secured servers. This means that when you need to look up information, it is readily available. No longer will you have to pour through documents in order to find a specific piece of information.

The advantages of online medical transcription services are considerable which is why your healthcare practice should consider the advantages that it offers.

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