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If you are hitting the snooze button a lot before waking up that means you are sleep deprived and your biological clock is on a fritz i.e. you are not getting enough night sleep. Waking up early is easy when you are well-rested.
Here are a Few things you should have on your before-bed checklist.


Have and maintain a proper sleep schedule. No matter how much work you have on your hands, sleep must be given the utmost priority and above all recreation. Nothing beats a stressful day than a good 8-hour night sleep. Start reducing your nocturnal hours by 15 minutes and steadily set your bio clock right.

Say no

Balancing a crucial career against a good night’s sleep can be difficult. But you need to learn to say ‘No’. It is essential if you are trying to get a work-life equilibrium. Take your mind completely off the outside commitments, when you enter your home or an hour before you wind up to sleep.


Having a good meal is equally important for a sound sleep. An empty stomach won’t let you sleep peacefully and neither will acidity. Eat healthy and on time. Have a hearty breakfast and do not be too light on your dinner. A dollop of yogurt during dinner or a cup of warm milk before you sleep isn’t such a bad idea if the routine helps you slumber better.

Avoid any daytime snooze

A daytime snooze is much worse than a night sleep debt. It not only disturbs your bio clock but also keeps you awake at night and the cycle goes on. It is ok if you do not get sleep during the day because of a late-night hassle. Stir your sleep clock in the right direction on the next night.

Switch it off

Power down your gadgets before your sleep time as they can mess around with your eyes and manage to keep you up for hours without you realizing the effect. It is preferable to turn off your electronic devices like laptops and mobiles a good one hour before you sleep.

Prep your nest

Get cozy, set the temperature, lights, and your bed, as per your comfort. This will positively impact your sleep pattern. Put on some ear buds so that you are not disturbed by the night noises.

The best way to become a morning person is to bite the bullet and get yourself out of bed. It is, actually, the getting out of bed part that is the hardest. Once you are past that there is no temptation. Stretch, wash your face, get your coffee brewing, greet the morning and beat the day.
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