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If you have recently stepped into the world of the World Wide Web and are looking to commence a business online then you will run across online web hosting, which is the first and foremost step of opening a website. To define web hosting, it is a special type of service that endows individuals and organizations with the opportunity to make their personal website accessible via the World Wide Web. In simple words, if you want to create an identity of your business online, website domain hosting services are the service you need to consider. And after conducting a quick search in Google, you will be able to witness that making the choice as to which type of Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting you need for your website is not a child’s play.

Green web hosting

Environment friendly or eco-friendly website hosting is a latest addition to the domain that entails a specific provider making efforts to demonstrate that they do not have put any negative repercussions on the environment. A lot of webmasters are moving their web sites to a green web hosting provider not only to trim down their carbon footprint, but also to prove to their visitors that their company hold dear the environment and is reverential to it.

Cloud hosting

Cloud computing offers on-demand resources via a computer network and offers computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not entail end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that offers the services. Parallels to this initiative can be drawn with the electricity grid, where end-users consume power without going through the hassle to become aware of the component devices or infrastructure required to offer the service.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is the name given to virtual machine for use all the way by an individual customer of the service. A virtual machine is a completely independent and isolated operating system installation within a normal operating system. VPS hosting enables customers looking for a dedicated machine and root access but are not yet geared up to pay the substantial level of investment required for a dyed-in-the-wool machine.

Carbon neutral hosting

Carbon neutral hosting is another type of the best web hosting services that covers zero carbon footprint and endows the webmasters with the opportunity to achieve net zero carbon emissions emanating from the hosting of their online pages.

Wind powered hosting

Wind-powered web hosting are another web hosting services that make the most of wind energy from wind turbines, for example, transformed into electricity.

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