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In 2016, Restaurants were plagued with cyber attacks threat. In the past year, many businesses were affected by data breaches leaving tons of customersí credit card information at risk. No one wants to deal with this threat, but as the necessity for customer friendly technology increases because of customer preferences. The owners should face this challenge ahead of time instead of facing ramifications which can impact the business negatively and also customersí privacy.
Credit card transactions are increasing in popularity. According to Statista, there are around 172 million credit card holders in America. Since the turn of century, a number has grown by 1 million each year. The world is full of identity theft, credit card hacks and cyber threats. This is a harsh reality that every industry faces now including restaurants.
The debit or credit card is the most preferred payment method for higher end ticket items for most of the dine-in restaurant goers. These transactions put the money of customers and your business at risk if you are not using a good technology. However, credit card processing is the biggest area of interest for data thieves to access payment card information of the customers. The key to put the restaurant owners in the best place is to stay ahead of threats and have a secure environment at the point of sale.
PCI Compliance
PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance is acquired by following a set of standard to make sure all the companies that process, accept, transmit and store credit card information maintain a secure environment. It adds an extra blanket of security so that the customers feel safe when their cards are used in your restaurant processor. The first step a restaurant should take to become a PCI complaint to become more secure. The aftermath of data breach can entail lost jobs for high legal costs, C-level executives, customer trust and lost sales and also if you go out of business totally.
Secure storage data in Cloud
In the restaurant industry, the cloud based POS system has made a big impact. They do not only offer remarkable ease of use and convenient features, but they are also secure compared to the legacy POS system when it is about protecting data. If all the information of the restaurant is stored in the cloud, it means that the customer credit card information is transferred instantaneously to the next level in the payment process and private data is stored off-site.
Credit Card encryption
The modern POS system has immediate encryption for credit card information. It means when the card swipes all the information are transferred via the transaction process securely. In order to assure encryption from the transaction, it lets the customers take relief in the security of transactions. If you encrypt the credit card number in the card reader hardware it does not allow the hackers to install malware on the network. So there is nothing to look for the hackers to access credit card payment.
Stay ahead of hackers
Technology is always evolving. You canít stop a criminal mind to get all the information. It means defending those data is very difficult. So it is best to work with a technology which keeps security advancements and updates frequent and fresh. Nowadays the POS companies have SaaS model. If a restaurant has SaaS technology that means it pays a fee to receive technical support and also have regular software updates. Generally, these updates provide performance enhancements, but it also offers back end security enhancements to add a new discovered layer in order to protect customer information.
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